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Parents expressing interest in Foundation School are requested to visit the school with their wards and have an interaction with the head of the school.

Foundation School

Near Sahid Khudiram Metro,
On E.M.Bypass,

The school is conveniently located just 1 min off EM Bypass at Model Town,near Sahid Khudiram Metro Station.

Helpline : +91 7003107944
Foundation School

87/263, Ganguly Bagan, Kolkata - 700047

Opp. Ganguly Bagan Bazaar

Helpline : +91 8420905845

View Foundation School (Garia, Kolkata) in a larger map

View Foundation School (Ganguly Bagan, Kolkata) in a larger map

The admission is open throughout the year.

For Queries Please Contact :

+91 8420905845